Kouhei: At last, I've finished taking photos.


Today I ran around campus with my camera, just like yesterday.


After walking from sunrise to sunset, my legs feel like lead.


Haruna: Kouhei-kun!


Kouhei: Oh...


Haruna: You look quite tired.


Kouhei: Just a little.


Haruna: Still finishing the photography?


Kouhei: Yeah. I’ve been walking around all day.


Haruna: Ahaha... good job.


Kouhei: You did this last year too, didn’t you?


Haruna: Ummm... I get the feeling I didn’t, but perhaps it's something they added just this year.


Kouhei: Well, whatever. Taking photos will help me remember the school buildings I guess.


Haruna: That's right.


Kouhei: Well, I’m going to go take a bath.


Haruna: The baths won't be crowded at this hour.


Kouhei: That's good to hear.


After totally exhausting myself today, I feel like just floating in the hot springs for a while.


I hastily make my way to the baths.


Having a bathhouse all to myself would definitely be nice...


...especially on days spent walking around all day like today.


Cheerfully, I brush past the entrance curtain with "Male" written on it .


The bathhouse and changing rooms are completely empty.


In my mind, I pump my fist in victory.


Immediately taking off clothes, I tie the towel around my midsection.


Kouhei: Here we go!


And now, onto the baths.


The steam is like a heavy mist blocking my sight.


I continue on, taking in the exceptionally fragrant air.


The healing oasis is just beyond--


Erika: Eeeh?!


There's a naked body.


Kouhei: ?


I can see someone resembling the vice president, naked.


Am I so happy that I'm hallucinating?


Erika: Wh...


Kouhei: Huh?


Erika: Y... y... y... YOU!!


Oh boy.


Kouhei: No way...


No way...


No way...


No way...


No way...




Kouhe: Are you real?


Erika: Of course I am!!!


With furious strides, the illusion closes the gap between us at an incredible speed.


Kouhei: Wait, illusion!


Erika: Pervert!


Kouhei: Owww...


I don't understand what's going on.


I go flying through the air.


Kouhei: ????


The situation is completely beyond me.


The vice president is in the men’s bath.


But she’s not supposed to be in the men’s bath.


So, that means vice president is a man.


As simple as that.


There's nothing strange at all.


If so, I’d quickly…


Kiriha: What are you doing?


Kouhei: Is the vice president a man?

【桐葉】「本人に聞いたら? ? ここを出た後で」

Kiriha: Why don’t you ask the person in question? But first, you should leave this place.


Kouhei: …


Kiriha: …


Kouhei: I’m sorry!


I tumble out of the bathhouse, running away.


I catch a glimpse of the entrance curtain.


It has...




...written on it, in conspicuous white against a red background.

【孝平】「ぐは~f0 ノ」~f0 ノ」

Kouhei: Hah~


Finally, I sink into the bath.


A bathtub big enough to stretch my legs in feels even better than I would have thought.


Speaking of legs... the Vice President...


...had some long, slender,...


...well proportioned ones.


Tsukasa: Yo.


Tsukasa enters the bath.


Kouhei: Sup.


Tsukasa: Just why are you blushing?


Kouhei: I dunno.




...that should have been the men's bath.


How the hell did that happen?


Someone else enters the bath.


Since I'm close to the entrance, I can hear the sound of someone getting into the water.


Iori: This sure brings back memories, huh?


Iori: Heh, just when was the last time we came here?


Seiichirou: Seven months ago.


It seems that it's those two Prefects.


Kouhei: Why are they so noisy?


Tsukasa: It seems like some unusual people showed up.


Kouhei: Unusual?


Tsukasa: This is the first time I've seen them in here.


Oh, their presence is unusual in the bathhouse.


Well, they are pretty famous around here.


Whatever, it doesn't concern me...


...or so I thought. They approach our spot.


Iori: Hey, Hasekura-kun. Mind if I sit next to you?


Kouhei: ...sure.


So it does concern me after all.


Seiichirou: Well then, pardon us.


Just why are these two gathering around me?


Kouhei: ...


I'm completely surrounded...


...and feel as helpless as a rabbit in a snare.


Kouhei: H-hey! Tsukasa!


Without me even noticing, Tsukasa has moved to a completely different section of the bath.


Kouhei: That traitor...


Iori: Weeell Hasekura-kun, doesn't it feel great to enjoy such a spacious bath?


Kouhei: If you say it's a spacious bath, why the hell are you guys concentrated over here?


Iori: I just thought I'd come for a bit of chit-chat.


Kouhei: Why don't you just chat with Tougi-sempai?


Iori: I'm not really in a position to talk idly with Sei at this time.


Seiichirou: Quite right.


Iori: With that said, let's talk, Hasekura-kun.


Ugh... why is he so persistent?


It's not like there is anything important to talk about.


Iori: How have you been?


When he said "chit-chat", I guess he really meant it.


Kouhei: So so.


Iori: No really... How's it going?


Kouhei: So so.


Iori: Was it really that lively?


Kouhei: Was what?


Iori: Your transfer welcome party, of course!


Kouhei: There's no way I'd have something like that.


Iori: I just threw you one a little while ago, did I not?


Definitely not.


Yeah, I haven't seen these guys since yesterday for sure.


Could they possibly mean the disaster at the girl's bath just now...?






Kouhei: Ahhhhh!


...I instinctively scream and get to my feet.


Kouhei: Could it be that...?


Iori: It was a pretty tasteful party, wasn't it?


Kouhei: That... was you two?


Seiichirou: It wasn't me, it was all Iori.


Iori: Don't say that.


Iori: Anyway, congratulations on your transfer!


* clap clap clap*


Kouhei: Don't just stand there, smiling and clapping!


Iori: Just chill.


Iori: But, man, changing the signs there was a classic, wasn't it, Hasekura-kun?


Kouhei: Grrr...


Seiichirou: What's done is done.


Kouhei: It was all your fault I was humiliated in front of her...


Iori: In front of who?


He points to my bright red cheeks.


Kouhei: I'm okay now...


Kouhei: ...but just how am I going to face the Vice President from now on?


Kouhei: If this rumor spreads, I'm dead!


Iori: Caring about what others think of you is for losers, you know?


Kouhei: I'm fine with being a loser.


Iori: Would it kill you to just be a little thankful to us?


Kouhei: For what??


Iori: Even though you were a victim, you still got the side benefit of seeing Erika like that didn't you?


Kouhei: That was nothing.


Iori: You weren't satisfied with it being Erika?


Kouhei: That's...


The Vice President's naked body comes to mind.




It was so beautiful... and shapely...


Kouhei: ...


Iori: See? I knew you'd see the bright side.


Kouhei: I told you, it's not that...


Iori: Ah, alright alright, I got it.


Iori: Then are you saying that your "upright, moral, and priestly manner" makes you immune to Erika's charms?


Iori: If you sincerely mean that you regret having to see that, I apologize.


Kouhei: ...


That was a cowardly blow.


Iori: Good, now that we've celebrated, I'm feeling pretty spirited too.


A faint smile of satisfaction creeps onto the President's face.


I just want to hit him.


When someone does something this immature to me, there's no way I can feel anything but an instinct to hit him.


Kouhei: Still, that was going a bit too far.


Kouhei: I'm completely fine, but the Vice President was definitely the victim here.


Iori: What's with that scary look in your eyes all of a sudden?


These students in the bathhouse begin to realize the situation at hand as tensions grow.


I'm in the center of attention, being judged by the most popular students in school.


If I were just a bit wiser, I might have avoided the unpleasant consequences today.


I feel guilty for the awkward atmosphere.


Kouhei: I wouldn't be surprised if I never hear the end of this.


Iori: It's all in good fun, right? Loosen up.


Kouhei: But there's someone who didn't have fun today... that's who I'm talking about.


Kouhei: Next time, make sure everyone involved enjoys your jokes, and maybe bring the level up a bit too please.


Iori: Wow!


The President's eyes widen.


Iori: I got it, I'll be sure to make many more illusions next time!


Kouhei: I think I'd be best if you didn't try anything...


Iori: Don't say that...


Kouhei: Anyway, I'll make sure to apologize to the vice president, so you make sure to as well, okay?


Iori: Hmph. Since when did you become such a gentleman?


Kouhei: I never tried to pretend I'm a gentleman!


Kouhei: I only said that because I can't take anymore of this.


Iori: Okay, understood. I'll try and think of a way.


Kouhei: Thank you for that.


Seiichirou: Hasekura, you're pretty skillful.


I don't know how to feel about being complimented for wisdom that comes exclusively from transferring a lot, it doesn't feel like something I should be praised for.


Iori: I was only talking about the fact that *that* Hachimandaira has taken a liking to you.


Kouhei: That's news to me.

【伊織】「だって、彼、周りに君以外置かないだろ? ? 気に入られてるんだよ」

Iori: Then why would he ditch everyone except for you? I think it's 'cause he likes you.


Personally, I think its because he wants to wash in peace.


Kouhei: What do you mean by *that* Hachimandaira?


Iori: That guy's got some guts, just like you.


Iori: Prefects like us have the rules on our side, but they don't apply to him... what a troublesome guy.


I had some idea that he was a troublemaker, but this just confirms it...


He is what you might call an "outlaw".


Iori: That is... he does what he feels like, whenever he feels like... kinda like me. Ahaha.


Tsukasa: *sneeze*


I hear a sneeze in the bathhouse.


Iori: By the way, my sister was being pretty rude to you yesterday, wasn't she.


Kouhei: Yesterday?


Iori: Remember? That time in the Prefect's Building when she was all pissed off...


Kouhei: Oh... that...


Iori: After that, Erika started interrogating me...


Iori: ...about how I invited you as a guest and my attitude back then.


Iori: But then, Erika confessed something.


Kouhei: Just what did she say??


Iori: What do you think?


If I understood what she was thinking that day, I would have been able to apologize.


Iori: Actually... this is a pretty delicate matter...


With that, the President whispered into my ear...


Iori: She seems to have fallen in love with you at first sight.


With me?


The Vice President...


...fell in love at first with...?


Kouhei: Whaaaa?


I look around.


Tsukasa: ...


Tsukasa looks at me with curiosity from afar.


Kouhei: But... that's...


Iori: That's how it is.


The Vice President... with me...?


The same athletic, smart, and beautiful Vice President... with me?


Kouhei: ...


Iori: I beg of you from the bottom of my heart...


Iori: Now that you know, make sure to work out and maintain good hygiene, okay?


Oh, so that's what he wanted.


Iori: If you guys really hook up, wouldn't that make me your love's Cupid then?


He'd make a horrible angel.


Iori: Well then, I'll leave it to you young ones to sort things out.


Seiichirou: Don't push it.


Kouhei: Umm...


They wouldn't listen to my thoughts on the matter...


...since they were already calmly on their way out of the bathhouse.


I don't know whether it was the subject matter of that conversation or the long bath, but I feel dizzy.


I cool off by sitting in front of the fan and air conditioning.


Kouhei: You traitor.


Tsukasa: Sorry about that.


He hands me a bottle of milk as if in apology.


Kouhei: Thank you.


I open the lid with a *pop* and chug the entire thing.


Kouhei: Ahhh~ Damn that's good.


At last, I feel a bit better.


Tsukasa: But to think that the Vice President fell for you at first sight...


Kouhei: No way, right?


Tsukasa: Who knows? I won't even pretend to understand love.


Tsukasa: You not happy about this?


Kouhei: I have nothing against her.


Just what am I going to do?


Kouhei: The source for this info is the President, her brother too.


Tsukasa: Well, I'd take it with a grain of salt.


Even so, I can't help but tremble in excitement at the news.


Her avoiding me since that first day is just to hide her embarrassment from falling in love?


If it's really true, that's pretty cute.


Kanade: Ah! Found you!


Kanade-san is running towards me.


Kanade: Have you taken photos for all 108 Mysteries yet?


Kouhei: Yeah... I was really tired after that, you know?


Kanade: Show me the data!


Kouhei: They're in my room, I'll turn them in tomorrow.


Kanade: Okay!


Kanade: Well then, I'm off!


She runs off again energetically.


Tsukasa: She just never calms down, does she?


Kouhei: She's just made of energy.


Kanade: Oh.


She suddenly turns around, heading back.


Kanade: Did you really run into the girl's bath naked?


Kouhei: Wha!


Kanade: Wah, so it's really true...


Kouhei: How did you know?


Kanade: Iori~ told me.


I'll kill him.


Kanade: This kind of shameful behavior...


Kanade: ...deserves the Hammer of Morality, hiyah!




Some sort of seal is stuck on my forehead.


I panic and rip it off.


It's an unimaginably horrible sticker.


On top of a ominous picture, the word "morality" is scribbled like a curse.


Kanade: One more!




Yet another one is attached to my head.


Kouhei: Muu~


Kanade: You must not do that again, got it?


Kouhei: Just what is this seal thing?


Kanade: An object that makes crybabies throw a tantrum, the "Seal of Morality".


Tsukasa: Reflect carefully on why you got these.


Tsukasa: Also, when you have 10 of these, you'll receive a variety of punishments... so it seems.


Kouhei: Looks like I suddenly just got 2 of them though.


Tsukasa: If you throw one away you'll get 5 more.


Kouhei: I don't need these things!


Kanade: Would you like some too?


Tsukasa: I have a "no touch" policy.


Kanade: Hohoho... You're as adult-like as you look.


Kanade: Well then, Kouhei, properly think over what you did, okay?


Kouhei: Yeah. Um... don't tell anyone else about...


Kanade: I won't.


Kanade: Onee-chan is going to help you become a good boy.


She pats my head.


Kanade: Thanks for the photos! Later!


Kanade: I got the photos~ Kitty goes "nya nya"~ ♪


She exits the room while humming that strange song.




Tsukasa is staring at me motionlessly.


Kouhei: What?


Tsukasa: You charged naked into the women's bath...


Kouhei: Uh... no, that's...


Tsukasa: Are you a god?


Kouhei: No, listen...


Tsukasa moves closer to me...


...and puts me in a "gentle" headlock.

【孝平】「……ギブ! ! ギブ!」!」

Kouhei: ...I give! I give!


We form a perfect spiral shape on the ground.


Erika: Lucky! The TV is free!


A freshly showered Vice President appears in the lounge with several others.

【瑛里華】「ぽちっとな♪ ん?」?」

Erika: *turns TV on* Hm?


As she turns on the TV, we take notice of each other at the same time.


She glances at me harshly for a moment.


Kouhei: Hey, Tsukasa...


Tsukasa: Y-Yeah.


We awkwardly straighten ourselves off the ground.


The atmosphere is extremely tense.


As I thought, I should apologize for what happened earlier.


The Vice President stands up and approaches.


Kouhei: Ah...Um...


Then, the Vice President's cheeks flush with red.


Erika: I-I'm feeling a bit sick, so I'll go back now!


She quickly exits the lounge while telling that to the others.


Kouhei: ...


Tsukasa: I feel sorry for you man...


Kouhei: Well, from her point of view, it was probably too awkward, huh?


After being seen naked by your love interest, then meeting him face to face...


...anyone would probably run away.


With her health though, I wonder when I'll actually be able to apologize.


Kouhei: This business might take awhile to resolve.


Tsukasa: Well, keep at it.


Iori: E-rika. Where are you going while blushing like that?


Erika: I'm in a bad mood.


Iori: What, again?


Erika: It's nothing.


Iori: Wanna talk?


Erika: No thanks.


Iori: Ah that's right, your love interest saw you in the bath...


*tension lines pop up on Erika's forehead*


Iori: What was that sound just now?


Erika: It was you!


Iori: Gwah!


Iori: Ow... why are you hitting me?


Erika: You deserve it!


Iori: What if I accidentally fell 3 meters and hit my head hard on the hallway, then die in the hospital because you hit me just now...? What would you do then?


Erika: I'd stand in front of the news cameras and project the image of a stoic sister.


Erika: Anyway, it doesn't matter, you're not dead.


Iori: How mean.


Iori: I've done nothing except extend the bridge of pure brotherly love to you, haven't I?

【瑛里華】「あ の ねぇ」

Erika: Haven't I...


Erika: ...told you not to do such things before?


Iori: But-


Erika: Don't dodge the question!


Iori: Oh yeah, didn't you just meet up with Hasekura-kun?


Erika: And?


Iori: He's a nice catch. I think I've taken a liking to him.


Erika: Too much information!


Erika: *sigh* Anyway, just leave me alone already.


Iori: Eh?


Erika: "As you wish", would be the answer.


Erika: If you continue to play pranks like that, I'll get seriously angry next time!


Iori: Understood.


Erika: Really?


Iori: Of course!


Iori: But... it looks like you're a little angry already. Am I wrong?


Erika: I'd be happy to send you to the hospital permanently right now.

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