Tsukasa: Zzz...


Kiriha: ...


Tsukasa is sleeping as if there's no tomorrow.


Kuze-san doesn't even have her textbook open and is just staring outside the window.


A new year, a new term.


No matter how unenthusiastic you are, it's a period where you would be at least a little nervous.


Tsukasa: Zzz...


Kiriha: ...


The two's thought process is just goes beyond human reasoning.


Maths Teacher: Well then, this question... Kuze, try solving it.


He is probably asking her as a warning.


The teacher grins as he assigns the question to her.


Kiriha: x=-±√(y^2-4πr)/2π


Kuze-san utters an incantation!


Maths Teacher: Kuu...


The teacher is silenced!


I feel a bit sorry for him.


  • crack*




The lead in my mechanical pencil broke.


I don't have any spares either.


Haruna: Here you go.


She passes some across to me quietly.


Kouhei: Thanks.


Haruna: That's okay.


Haruna quickly directs her attention back to the black board.


She's pretty serious.


For me, half of my brain is directed towards the lesson and the other half is being used for the case with the vice president.


In these few days, talk about the incident in the female baths has been dying down.


Which was unexpectedly thanks to the president.


Even though I say that, he didn't actually help me either.


To put it simply, the president's playful character is well known throughout the school, and when I explain the actual incident,


"It does sound like something the president would do. You have my sympathy." - And it would be settled.


However, it was a fact that I had become famous.


I'm both the assailant and the victim, and for the time being, I'm probably "that" Hasekura-kun.


The problem is, no matter how you look at it, the victim is the vice president.


If I don't apologize somehow...


Maths Teacher: Well then, this question... Hachimandaira, try solving it.


Tsukasa: Zzz...


The chalk snaps in the teacher's hand.


After school.


Tsukasa: It's finally finished?


Says Tsukasa as he stretches his body.


The cracking joints in his body can be heard.


Kouhei: You can really sleep through a whole day on a desk huh.


Tsukasa: The teacher was kindly sung a lullaby for me. Not really that hard.


Kouhei: That's awful.


Tsukasa: If you're talking about awfulness, then Kuze is way above me.


I glance at the seat behind me.


Kuze-san is just getting up from her seat.


Kiriha: That's unexpected. All I did was answer the teacher's question.


Tsukasa: See? Above me right?


Kouhei: Well, I guess.


Kiriha: Bye.


Kuze-san leaves after coldly glancing at us.


Tsukasa: Nothing less from the Ice Queen.


Kouhei: What?


Tsukasa: That's what Kuze is called.


Kouhei: Ah, I see.


Tsukasa: Well then, I'm heading off.


Kouhei: Club activities?


Tsukasa: I'm a devoted "Go Home" Club member.


"See you", he says as he exits the classroom.


Haruna: Kouhei-kun, are you by any chance looking for a club to join?


Kouhei: Well, I've been thinking about it.


I vaguely answer her.


I don’t involve myself with clubs much.


I'm always transferring schools, so I always don't feel like joining one.


Haruna: Oh, I see...


She seems to have caught on.


Kouhei: How about you?


Haruna: I'm in the Beautification Committee. We do things like pick up rubbish and take care of the flower beds.


Kouhei: That somewhat suits you.

【陽菜】「ん? ? 褒められてる?」?」

Haruna: Hm? Are you praising me?


Kouhei: Yeah.


Kouhei: Well, I'll go have a look at some club activities sometime soon.


Haruna: Yeah, that'll be good.


Kouhei: Anyway, I have some place I need to be.


Haruna: Okay, see you.


That's right.


I have some place I need to be.






Kouhei: Hey, anyone there...?


No one seems to be in the Prefect's Building.


I lightly push the door, but it's locked.


I'm not sure when I will be able to actually talk to her.


Perhaps the only way is to visit her classroom.


I've taken a bath already and it's just about time for lights off.


My mobile rings.


...It's from Kanade.


Kouhei: Yes?


Kanade: Is it alright to come and have some tea right now?


Kanade: I've stocked up on tea leaves and beans.


She’s played her cards well, considering she only mentioned it yesterday.


Kouhei: Okay.


Kouhei: But wait a minute, let me clean my-


  • click*


Kanade: And we’re here! Good evening!


Kouhei: Gah...


Haruna: Sorry for the intrusion.


Kouhei: Did you call me while standing outside my door?


Kanade: It’s fun like in those drama series right?


Yes, fun for the caller perhaps.


Haruna: Well then, I’ll boil the water.

【かなで】「こーへー、ー、あのテーブルある? ? 引っ越しのときにあったでしょ」

Kanade: Kouhei, where’s that table you had? I remember seeing it when you moved it.


Kouhei: Ah, that foldable one.


I drag out the table from the corner of the room.


Kouhei: This will do right?


Kanade: That's fine, that's fine~♪


Kanade: Urya!


Kanade energetically throws herself on the table, making a white cross.


Kanade: I’ve even brought teacakes.


Kanade: Kouhei, yesterday’s tea set please.


Kouhei: Roger.


And like that we undergo the preparations.


Haruna: It’s boiling now, so just a bit longer for the black tea.


Kanade: Ah, we’ll also have to find a coffee grinder.


Kouhei: Isn’t black tea enough?


Kanade: It’ll be troublesome for those who like coffee, right?


So she’s planning on coming hereafter.


Kouhei: More importantly, I think we should find some more cushions.


I gave the girls the cushions so I’m the only one sitting cross-legged on the carpet.


Kanade: I guess so. If I have time I’ll go and find some.


Haruna: Ah, it’s just about ready.


Haruna is holding the teapot.


She pours the amber colored black tea into the cups.


A pleasant scent fills the room.


Kanade: Wow~ that smells really good.


Kouhei: Yeah, it smells nice.


She prepares enough tea for three people.


Cookies are placed in the center of the table.


An elegant combination.


If it were only guys, then it wouldn’t be like this.


Kanade: Well then, itadakima~su.


Haruna: Eat up.


Kouhei: Itadakimasu.


I place the cup to my lips.




Kanade: !


Haruna: How is it?


Kanade: Fuwa~ Such a nice feeling…


Kanade: Nothing less expected from Hina-chan, my wife!


Wait, she’s your wife?


Haruha: I’m glad that it’s good.


Kouhei: I usually don’t drink black tea but…


Kouhei: This is really good. I’m surprised, to be honest.


Kanade: What a good way of praising someone.


Kouhei: I seriously mean it.


Haruna: Thank you.


Kouhei: The cookies are also really good.


Kanade: Those were bought.


Kouhei: ...They’re probably good because of the black tea then.


Haruna: Ahaha.


Kanade: Next will be green tea!


Kouhei: What’s this?


Haruna: We were thinking of trying different ones out.


Packing the tea set away, we take out the teapot, teacups and senbei. /TL/Senbei is a type of cracker//


Haruna: The ruckus caused by the opening ceremony was tough, huh.


Haruna says while pouring the green tea.


Kanade: You became famous as well.


Kouhei: Rather than became famous, it’s better to say I was exposed, I think.


Haruna: That reminds me, were you able to meet with Sendou-san yesterday?


Kouhei: She wasn’t there.


Kanade: Ahh...


Kouhei: If you could, could you tell me the vice president’s class?


Haruna: Hm, she isn’t in one the classes next to ours. I think she’s in the 2nd group.


Kouhei: Got it.


Kanade: Be sure to clear any misunderstandings, okay?


Haruna: That's right.


Kanade: Tomorrow is the welcoming party for the new students. You should be able to meet her there as well.


Kouhei: Then I guess I’ll ask around there.


Kanade: Well then, here’s to Hasekura's luck, cheers!


Haruna: Onee-chan, It’s green tea…


Kanade: Don’t get absorbed into such small details, otherwise you'll never find a good person for marriage...


Kanade: Ah wait, you’re already my wife so I guess it’s okay.


A quick resolution.


Kanade: Well then, Cheers!


Haruna: Cheers!


Kouhei: I’ll try my best!


  • teacups clinking*


The toast makes a dull sound because of the tea cups, but it’s strangely soothing.


Haruna: I didn’t think there would be another chance for me to drink tea like that again.


Kanade: Yeah, that was quite fun.


Haruna: But I think Kouhei-kun is really worrying about it.


Kanade: Hina-chan.


Kanade: Everything’s going to be okay. Kouhei understands.


Haruna: But...


Kanade: No buts.


Kanade: No one is in the wrong here. It’s not right that you’re worrying by yourself.


Kanade: It’s either no one worries or everyone worries.


Haruna: A... alright.


Kanade: If Kouhei says anything weird, I’ll beat him down for you.


Haruna: Um, I don’t really mean it like that…...


Kanade: Just leave it to your older sister!


Haruna:. ...Okay.

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