Just as I’m going to the classroom, I notice there’s a commotion in the corridor.


Quite a few people have gathered up.


Kouhei: What’s happening?


Tsukasa: Something that happens all the time, no need to pay any attention to it.


Kouhei: You know, people pay attention even more when they’re told not to.


Tsukasa: It's that, over there.


Tsukasa points to something in the direction of the people.


Standing on my tippy toes, I look in the midst of the crowd.


Kouhei: Looks like a sheet of paper has been pinned up.


Tsukasa: It’s the results for the end of the year exam.


Kouhei: Why are they only announcing it now?


Tsukasa: They do it on purpose, because report cards are sent during that time.


Tsukasa: Basically, they’re telling us to pump back in the enthusiasm that was lost during the spring break.


Kouhei: I see... sounds tough.


Tsukasa: Well, it doesn’t concern us anyway.


Kouhei: It doesn’t concern me because I didn’t take it, but it concerns you right?


Tsukasa: I also didn’t take the exams.


Kouhei: Um, I’m pretty sure you did.


Tsukasa: Honestly, I have no recollection of ever taking them.


I see, so it’s more of a 'don't ask me' thing.


Haruna: What are you two talking about?


Haruna comes and joins our conversation.


She has a slightly uneasy expression on her face.


Kouhei: The test results.


Haruna: Ah, the one we took last term, right?


Haruna: I’m going to take a look.


She enters the crowd.


Erika: Grr..


The vice president is amongst the crowd.


She sure is someone who stands out no matter where she is, but in a good sense.


Erika: That girl, again...


She looks very displeased with something.


Kouhei: What’s that about?


Tsukasa: A part of the ‘something that happens all the time’ I mentioned.


Kouhei: Think it would be okay if I talked to her now?


Tsukasa: Leave it till later, right now would be the worst time you could pick.


Kouhei: Yeah, you’re probably right.


Tsukasa: The vice president is always the top of the year if you’re talking about the combined mark.


Kouhei: I see.


Tsukasa: But, she just can’t get first place in math.


Kouhei: She’s not good at it?


Tsukasa: No, the top place in maths is reserved for someone else.


Kouhei: Who?


Tsukasa: Kuze Kiriha.


Kouhei: Eh?


That was unexpected.


Tsukasa: Not only that, she gets almost full marks all the time.


Kouhei: Wow...


Erika: I can’t believe it, she’s just trying to make fun of me!


The vice president leaves in an angry huff.


Haruna: Seems like she’s at it again.


Haruna returns.


Kouhei: Pretty awful way of putting it... 'trying to make fun of me'.


Kouhei: Kuze-san must have tried her best too.


Haruna: Oh well, it can’t be helped. It’s because Kuze-san nearly fails all her other subjects.


Haruna: Although I think she does it on purpose.


No need to use a woman’s sixth sense to know that. She’s most likely doing it on purpose.


Kuze Kiriha.


Someone I shouldn’t underestimate.


Kouhei: By the way, how did you do Haruna?


Haruna: Eh, me?


Haruna: I went... alright.


Seems like she’s being modest.


Kouhei: So anyway, how did you go Tsukasa?


Tsukasa: Hmm, time for sleep.


He lightly enters the classroom.


It's the lunch break.


Done with lunch, I head for the classroom.


Kouhei: Oh.


Way over there.


I can see someone walking in the front grounds of the school.


Thats... Kuze-san?


Kuze-san is carrying six cardboard boxes.


Stacked up in her arms, they reach above her forehead.


Unable to see in front of her, she looks a little unsteady as she walks.


Kouhei: Let me help you.


Kiriha: Who is that?


Kouhei: It's Hasekura.


Kiriha: Ah... Hasekura-kun.


Yeah, she definitely can't see in front of her.


Kiriha: I'm fine.


Kouhei: You look like you're having a bit of trouble...


Kiriha: I said I'm fine.


Kouhei: You can barely walk!


Saying that, I grab three of the boxes.


Feels like it's more than twenty pounds (10 kilograms).


Kuze-san was carrying double this.


Kouhei: This is more than one person should be made to carry!


Kiriha: It seems our sadist of a gym teacher likes me.


Kouhei: He should have chosen someone else he's fond of as a partner for you.


Kiriha: Who he chooses isn't my problem.


Behaving like a spoiled child, Kuze-san walks away.


I hesitate for a second before hurrying up to fall in step with her.


Kouhei: So where are we bringing all this?


Kiriha: The fifth year's classrooms, one for each class.


Kouhei: I see.


There are six 5th year classes.


One box for each class.


Black Cat: Nyaa~


Kouhei: Nn?


Out of nowhere, a black cat approaches us.


It circles around Kuze-san's feet.


Kiriha: Move it.


Black Cat: Nyaaaoo~


Her words appear useless, as the cat circles her feet again, obstructing her path.


Kiriha: I said, move it.


Black Cat: Nyaa~?


It shows little intention of going away.


However, Kuze-san seems very talented at avoiding the cat with her footwork.


Kouhei: Kuze-san, you have really good reflexes, don't you.

【桐葉】「さあ? 考えたことないわ」

Kiriha: I wonder. It's not really something I think about.


She says that dancing around the cat.


Kouhei: Not only teachers, but also cats really seem to be fond of you... how surprising.


Kiriha: And you as well. What an unlucky day.


Kouhei: Hahaha...


Kouhei: So, why is this cat visiting you?


Kiriha: Why don't you ask the cat?


Kouhei: Alright.


Kouhei: Why is that, cat?


Black Cat: Nyaa~!


Kouhei: He says he smells something nice.


Kiriha: This is the first time I've met someone able to speak the language of the cats.


Kiriha: So long as your talking to it, translate my request.


Kouhei: She wants you to go away.


Black Cat: Nyaa.


The cat leaves.


Kouhei: ....


Kouhei: Yeah, um... despite what you just saw, I can't really speak to cats.


Kiriha: I am well aware.


We finally get to the school.


Kouhei: Only a little bit farther, hang in there.


Kiriha: I'm fine.


Saying that, Kuze-san zooms on ahead.


Still wearing her shoes.


Kouhei: ...


I wonder if she realizes it or not.


We'll see from her reaction.


Kouhei: Yo.


Kiriha: What?


Kiriha: Your shoes.


Kiriha: ... oh.


Kiriha: That might be a good idea.


Kuze-san hurriedly switches into her indoor shoes.


Kiriha: Satisfied now?


She makes it sounds as though she only changed her shoes to make me happy.


She's hiding her embarrassment by acting offended.


Kouhei: Quite satisfied.


Kiriha: Let's go.


She sets off in a huff.


She's got a strong wicked streak, but she's an interesting one filled with spirit.


After school.


It seems as though there is a welcoming party for the new students or something.


It’s being feverishly discussed in the classroom.


Haruna: Kouhei-kun, do you want to go together?


Kouhei: Okay.


Many people were already gathered at the school dining hall.


There are lots of people in different outfits, probably out to recruit members for their clubs.


There's even a person with her hair tied up in a bun, dressed in a cheongsam (body hugging one piece chinese dress).


The welcoming party for the new students is basically a buffet.


The tables are crammed with foods like karaage chicken and yakisoba.


On top of that, there are many middle-aged people helping out at the counters.


Does that mean I can order at any time?


Kiriha: ...


I notice Kuze-san brush past me.


Isn’t that the exit?


Haruna: Kuze-san, are you going already?


Kiriha: Yes.


Kiriha: Oh and, Hasekura-kun, thanks for today.


And with that, Kuze-san leaves.


Haruna: Did something happen?


Kouhei: I helped her carry some stuff.


Haruna: Ah.


Kouhei: But it would have been nice if Kuze-san at least ate something before she left.


Haruna: It's a shame, isn't it.


Kouhei: Ah well, seems she hates these sort of things.


Being late on the first day and deliberately doing badly in tests, she’s a weird person.


Applause breaks out.


The person talking with the microphone on a stepladder is...




Kanade: Everyone, silence please!


Kanade: I’m Yuuki, the dorm leader. Some people call me Kanade the Benevolent of the Hakuhou Dormitory.


Male student A: Hey hey hey hey!


Male student B: Stop with the jokes, ha ha ha...


Kanade: Morality seals for each of you afterwards.


The freshmen obviously can’t keep up.


Kanade: It’s a welcoming party, so your seniors will be treating you.


Kanade: Feel free to indulge yourself in the delicacies of our school’s cuisine.


Kanade: However...


The tone of her voice suddenly drops.


Kanade: People who leave behind any food will be remembered by our school’s Iron Chef and they're guaranteed to have three years worth of misery at the school dining hall.


Kanade: Just because you’re being treated, doesn’t mean you can carelessly order.


Thank goodness I finished all of the hot pot we previously had.


Kanade: Also, when everyone orders there won’t be enough room for everything, so please finish everything on the tables first.


Kanade: Understood?


Lots of Voices: Yes-!


Kanade: With that, congratulations on enrolling in the school.


Kanade: Itadakima-su!


Lots of Voices: Itadakima-su!


And with an instant, the freshmen rush to the counters that sell their favorite foods.


Kanade: Hey! You promised me didn’t you-!


Giant burgers, prawn and eel udon, crab and scallop curry, large servings of dan dan noodles with every topping possible...


Items from the menus are being sold like hot cakes.


And there are also demonstrations from different clubs.


Leaflets are all over the place, people are dancing, singing, performing martial arts.


It's like a lively festival.




I wonder if I can actually get to talk with the vice president.


She stands out, so I should be able to find her easily.


Wandering aimlessly around, something catches my eye.


Hastily put together images of the school and captions describing them.


Kouhei: ...


Hey, I remember those... the angle, the blur from shaky hands.


Kouhei: Aren’t these the photos I took before?!


I had heard nothing about them being used here.




So it seems like the 108 secrets was a trap set by Kanade-san.


The president, the dorm leader... both troublesome people.


??: Ah.


I hear someone’s voice beside me.


Seiichirou: So it’s you.


It’s Tougi-sempai.


And behind him, as if hiding, is Shiro-chan.


Shiro: Hello.


She bows slightly.


Seiichirou: I heard that you caught the rabbit for Shiro the other day.


Seiichirou: Sorry for any trouble my sister caused.


Kouhei: It's no trouble.


Seiichirou: Shiro.


Shiro: Ah, yes. Um, thank you very much.


She bows again.


I feel slightly embarrassed by her thanks.


Kouhei: Don’t worry about it.


Shiro: Ah, yes.


Seiichirou: ...Well then, we’re going Shiro.


Shiro: Yes, Nii-sama.


She bows slightly.


That’s the third time.


Shortly after, I find the vice president.


She’s chatting with many people around her.


If I wait, there should be a chance I could get a word with her.


If I delay it any longer, nothing good will come of it, so I might as well solve it here.




After some time, the vice president comes out of the crowd.


It seems like she’s going to order some food.


Here's my chance.


Kouhei: Vice president.


Erika: Ah...


The vice president tenses up.


Kouhei: Could I just talk to you for a second?


Erika: Well I don’t mind.


She says coldly.


Well I guess I can’t blame her, since I stood her up last time.


Erika: Ah, spaghetti bolognaise please.


She orders her food over the counter.


Kouhei: Sorry that I couldn’t make it last time.


Erika: Honestly...


Erika: Ignoring a promise under circumstances like that, you’re obviously not thinking very straight.


Well the reason was because I got caught up with Kanade-san and her hot pot…


Even though it’s someone else’s fault, I guess it doesn’t matter.


Kouhei: Sorry.


I bow deeply.


Although I can’t actually see her, I know she is staring at me.


Until the person forgives you, you do not raise your head.








Erika: It’s okay. After all, I didn’t check if you had any plans when I told you to meet me.


Kouhei: But I’m the one who didn’t refuse you.


Erika: That’s definitely admirable. I’ll forgive you.


Kouhei: Also.


Erika: What?


Kouhei: About the incident baths.


Erika: Ah.


Her face turns sullen.


Erika: I heard from my brother already.


Erika: I know you didn’t mean to do it.


Kouhei: But still I should apologize.


Kouhei: Sorry.


Erika: Hmm...


Erika: Well I can’t believe you fell for something like that, but then again you only just transferred here...


Kouhei: That saves me a lot of explaining.


Erika: I actually went too far in the opening ceremony.


Kouhei: ...


A horrid memory resurfaces in my mind.


Kouhei: The gossip has nearly faded anyway, it’s okay.


Iron Chef: One Spaghetti Bolognaise. I gave you a large serving.


Erika: ...Ah... thank you very much.


The vice president takes the exquisite plate of spaghetti.


Iron Chef: Erika-chan, beautiful as always~


Erika: Mou, stop flattering me.


Erika says while laughing.


Kouhei: Oh and...


Erika: There’s more?


A lot more.


According to the president, it seems that the beautiful vice president fell in love with me at first sight.


I have to find out whether that is true or not.


Kouhei: Are you someone who falls in love at first sight by any chance, vice president?


Erika: Huh?

なに言ってんの? ? って顔をされた。

She gives me a face that says, 'What are you saying'?


Kouhei: Love at first sight.


Erika: Hmm...


She places her hand on her chin and starts thinking.


She's thinking about it quite seriously actually.






Erika: Nope, haven’t had it happen to me before.


Kouhei: I see.


I’m slightly disappointed.


Erika: You want to ask my advice on relationships?


Kouhei: Um, actually...


Erika: Wait.


She suddenly cuts me in mid-speech.


Erika: Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second...


It is as if she is chanting a spell with her gaze cast downwards.


Seems like she is thinking about something.




The vice president slowly raises her head.


She has an unsettling face.


Erika: My brother said that didn’t he?


Kouhei: Correct.


Erika: Who does he think he is!


Erika: I wonder why he would say something that would be easily seen through.




Kouhei: Ah well, it’s good that we cleared it up.


Erika: I guess so.


Erika: I’ll be sure to speak to my brother about this.


Kouhei: That would be good.


Kouhei: But, why would the president say something like love at first sight?


Erika: Probably because he thought it would be funny.


Erika: He’s always like that.


Erika: Anyway, thanks for telling me.


Kouhei: Ah, no problem.


Erika: Oh, and...


A broad smile rises on her face.


Erika: Eat half of this for me, I can’t possibly finish all of it.


She says as she passes her plate of spaghetti to me.


It’s quite the generous large amount.


The iron chef obviously doesn’t know the word 'mercy'.


Kouhei: Right now?


Erika: Yes. Think of it as punishment for breaking our promise.


Kouhei: ...


I put some in my mouth.


It tastes brilliant.


I take another mouthful.


And another.






Erika: Nothing less from a guy.


The vice president nods in satisfaction as she takes the half eaten plate.


Erika: Thanks.


She turns around to leave.


Kouhei: Ah, vice president, the fork.


Erika: Hm?


The fork I had been using was still on the plate.


Erika: Ah.


Erika: If you didn’t say anything, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed as well, too bad huh.


Kouhei: As if I’d get excited over something like that.


Erika: Oh, really.


Erika: Well, see you.


With a wink that seemed as though it had given off stars, the vice president returns to the crowd of people.


Tsukasa: Hey. So it’s finished?


Tsukasa approaches me.


Kouhei: You were watching? It’s not even something interesting.


Tsukasa: Nah, it was.


Tsukasa: I was always telling you to apologize, but I think if it were me, I wouldn’t have apologized.


Kouhei: There’s no reason not to apologize.


Tsukasa: Well if it was me, I wouldn’t have. No matter how you look at it, you’re the victim in the incident in the baths.


Kouhei: But no matter what the circumstances are, a guy should apologize if he sees a girl naked.


Tsukasa: Hmm...


Kouhei: You might even think I’m pathetic, but I’m okay with that.


Tsukasa: I’m quite impressed.


Kouhei: What, how did you see me before?


Tsukasa: Someone who just gets played around by everyone.


Kouhei: ...I don’t deny it.


It’s more the fact that everyone is too vicious.


Tsukasa: Well, anyhow, it’s good that you have principles.


Tsukasa: It’s that kind of person that you can hang around for a long time.


Kouhei: I guess so.


Smirking, Tsukasa heads to the exit.


Kouhei: Tsukasa, there’s still time before this ends you know.


Tsukasa: The dorm leader will tell me off if I scare any of the freshmen.


'See you' he says as he waves his hand and leaves.


Kouhei: ...


I haven’t heard of anything called a man’s instinct...


But somehow I feel I can get along with Tsukasa well.


Iori: Thanks for the hard work in the welcoming party.


Erika: It was mostly the dorm leader. If you’re going to praise anyone then praise her.


Iori: Ah, the older Yuuki sister, right?


Iori: She’s doing well isn’t she.


Erika: I suppose.


Iori: What a cold reply. You’re still holding a grudge against me?


Erika: Not particularly.


Erika: So, what do you want, ambushing me like this.


Iori: Nothing in particular.


Erika: Okay, bye.


Iori: Hey hey hey hey hey.


Erika: What?


Iori: Well, you did have a good chat with him.


Erika: You probably overheard us anyway.


Iori: No I didn’t.


Iori: So, what did you talk about?


Erika: Just extinguishing the sparks of fire you scattered around.


Iori: What’s this about?

【瑛里華】「1、お風呂 2、一目惚れ」

Erika: One, the baths, two, love at first sight.


Iori: Such a waste...


Iori: He told me 'Lately, I feel that the vice president has been avoiding me', so I wanted to give a likely reason.


Erika: Enough with petty lies, I’m quite used to them already. If it’s not a surprise then I won’t even be shocked.


Iori: Boring... er, I mean, that’s good, that’s good


Erika: That’s the end of this, okay?


Iori: You’re going to just ignore a fateful encounter like that?


Erika: It’s got nothing to do with fate whatsoever.


Erika: If you do anything more, then I won’t simply leave it as this.


Iori: Understood.


After taking a long bath to relax from the welcoming party, I return to my room.


For some reason, the teacups are all set up.


Kouhei: Who is it?


Kanade: It’s me.


You’re saying it a bit too proudly, considering you’re in someone else’s room.


Kanade: I’ve set up everything for a tea party-!


Haruna: Ah, Kouhei-kun, sorry for just entering your room like this.


Kouhei: A sensible response, which saves my mentality.


Kanade: Me, who will be constantly damaging that mentality.


Kouhei: Me, who won’t be recovering.


Kanade: I’m joking, sorry, sorry.


Kanade pats my slumped head.


Kanade: I thought perhaps Kouhei would feel better if I let him drink some nice tea.


Kouhei: Is it good?


Kanade: Of course!


Kanade: Even someone who has been a food critic for 50 years says it’s good.


Kouhei: I’m looking forward to it.


Kanade: Okay, it’s going to be really good!


Kanade: It’s all up to you Hina-chan!


Kouhei: ...Right now would be the time to collapse.


Haruna: Ah, I’m pouring the tea, so don’t make the room too dusty.


Kouhei: Is there a gene missing in your family?


As the continuous wave of attacks consume me, the preparations for the tea party undergo smoothly.


Even if my room has become a gathering spot...


It’s just weird that they would enter when the owner of the room isn’t there.


Kouhei: Um, hey, could you listen to me for a second?


Tsukasa: You here, Kouhei?


With timing that could almost be seen as something planned, Tsukasa enters.


Kouhei: You’ve come at the right time, listen to me Tsukasa.


Tsukasa: What?


Kanade: What is it?


Haruna: I’m listening-


I clear my throat.


Kouhei: Isn’t it weird to set up for a tea party, even though the owner of the room isn’t there?


Tsukasa: Is that what you're doing, a tea party?

【かなで】「そう! ! おいしいお茶を飲むの」

Kanade: Yeah! We'll drink delicious tea!


Haruna: There’s snacks as well.


Haruna: Here.


She takes out some small fried pastries, resembling cookies or scones.


Tsukasa: Let’s see.


Tsukasa takes one.


Kouhei: Hey, listen to me!


Tsukasa: Wow, it’s really good.


Kanade: Tell me about it!


Kouhei: And why is Kanade-san the one being proud?


Haruna: Ehehe...


Haruna looks happy as she is being praised.


Draining his cup of black tea, he unusually faces me with a serious look on his face.


Tsukasa: Hey, Kouhei.


Kouhei: Hm?


Tsukasa: These snacks.


Tsukasa: This tea.


Tsukasa: Could I possibly bring my own mug?

【孝平】「話が飛んだ! ! 今!」!」

Kouhei: How did we get to this!?


Kanade: Newcomers are welcome.


Haruna: We’ll also bring our own cups.


Kouhei: How did it get even more ridiculous?!


Tsukasa: Kouhei.


Tsukasa: You should be a bit more easy going.


Kanade: Yeah, you’re a guy after all.


Kanade: A big heart!


Kanade: And also a big room!


Haruna: And you’ve also just moved in.


Kouhei: Is that why?


I find myself being maliciously cornered three to one.


Kanade: Cheers!


Everyone begins to taste the various types of tea while grabbing the sweets.


Kanade: By the way, you.


Tsukasa: Me?


Kanade: What’s your name?


Tsukasa: Hachimandaira Tsukasa


Kanade: Hachima?


Tsukasa: Hachi-man-dai-ra Tsu-ka-sa.


Kanade: How would you write it?


Tsukasa: Well if you really want to know...


Tsukasa: Kouhei, have a pen and a piece of paper?


Kouhei: Here.


I hand over the pen and paper.




Kanade: Hachimandaira... I’ve heard of that somewhere before...


Kouhei: What’s wrong?


Kanade: Ah, nothing. But that’s quite an uncommon name.


Tsukasa: It's too long, so just call me Tsukasa.


Kanade: Got it Heiji.


Tsukasa: You didn’t get anything.


Kouhei: Yeah, Heiji.


Tsukasa: Not you too.


Kouhei: Well you didn’t listen to what I was saying before.


Tsukasa: But this is an important problem.


Kouhei: What, so my problem isn’t important?


Kanade: While you two have been bickering, I’ve decided to call you Heiji.


Tsukasa: Ah, whatever.


Seems like he’s given up.


Kouhei: You should show a bit more resistance.


Tsukasa: Nah, I would resist against you, but against the dorm leader it’s useless.


Tsukasa: After all, she is the person who calls the sister Maru-chan.


Kouhei: True.


Kanade: I also call Aonori as Noripii.


Haruna: It’s not really something to be proud of, Nee-chan.


Kouhei: Who’s Aonori?


Haruna: Aoto sensei.


Tsukasa: His full name is Aoto Masunori.


Kouhei: I see.


I nod in comprehension, however Kanade-san has her arms crossed pondering about something.

【かなで】「むむ…? …? はちまんだいら…?」…?」

Kanade: Mumu...? Hachimandaira…?


Kouhei: Kanade-san?

【かなで】「ああーーっ! ! あの八幡平かーっ!」!」

Kanade: Ahhhh!! You’re that Hachimandaira!


Haruna: We met him before when we ate that hot pot.


Kanade: We did?

【孝平】「なに? ? どういうこと?」?」

Kouhei: What’s wrong?


Kanade: I couldn’t quite put the face and the name together, but I finally remember.


Kanade: He’s a villain!


Kanade declares as she points to Tsukasa.


Tsukasa: What’s this about?


Kanade: A repeating offender of sleeping during classes.




Kanade: But that’s merely a disguise! Heiji's true occupation is running a black market!


Kouhei: Black market?


Kanade: He takes advantage of being the only one able to go out during the day, and then sells things he gets from town in the dorm for high prices!


Kouhei: Um, not being able to go out on the weekdays... what kind prison is that?


Kanade: Here... Hakuhou Prison.


Kouhei: That's right... I haven’t heard of anyone going out during the weekdays.


Haruna: You can’t go out unless you have the right documents and the dorm supervisor’s signature.


Kouhei: Really?


Kanade: Didn’t you read the dorm guidelines Kouhei?


Kouhei: Um, so Tsukasa is shopping for people and-


Kanade: Look at me.


  • sticking noise*


A seal of morality gets stuck on me.


Kouhei: So why is Tsukasa able to get permission to go out?


Tsukasa: Part time job. Money issues in the family.


Kouhei: Ah...


So that’s where he went when he suddenly disappeared somewhere after school.


Haruna: What kind of part time are you doing?


Tsukasa: Working at a sushi shop.


Kouhei: They hire people like you?


Tsukasa: I’m only doing delivery.


Kanade: Hmm, so on what type of vehicle do you do your deliveries on?


Tsukasa: Bicycle.


Kanade: Heh, nicely evaded.


Kouhei: Please don’t scrounge around for further offenses.


Kanade: Anyhow, this Heiji is a super villain.

【孝平】「司が犯人だってばれてるんだろ? ? 闇でもなんでもないじゃん」

Kouhei: But everyone knows Tsukasa is breaking the rules right? It’s not as if he’s doing it secretly.


Tsukasa: As long as I’m not caught doing it, I’m safe.


Kanade: I see... so we only have circumstantial evidence.


Kanade: The shock the last dorm leader got when she couldn’t catch you red-handed made her...


Kouhei: ...


Kanade: Graduate!!


Kouhei: But that’s normal.


Kanade: Anyhow, now that I’m dorm leader I won’t let you have your own way.


Tsukasa: Do what you like and I’ll do what I like.


Kanade: Why you!


There couldn’t possibly be anything more noisy.


Tsukasa: Here, just eat this.


Tsukasa says as he takes something out of a convenience store plastic bag.


Kanade: Plum kelp tea chips!


Haruna: That’s a new flavor right?


Kanade: Let’s see...


Kanade: It’s really good!!


Says Kanade, who has dove straight in to eat some.


Kouhei: This is a part of the so called black market goods?


Tsukasa: Of course.


Kanade: Guh...


Kanade: There’s no punishment for food!


She says as she quickly ditches her principles.


Kanade: If you buy avocado-squash chips next time I’ll forgive you for everything you’ve done up till now.


And so the two super villains ally with each other.


Haruna: If you give me ramen made by Ikkakudou, I can forget about everything I’ve heard.


Kouhei: The monthly publication of Business Sunday for me.


Tsukasa: Is it me, or are you guys a lot worse?


Kouhei: It’s you.


Tsukasa: I give up. I’ll bring the teacakes to the next party.


Kanade: Yay!


The combination of a corrupted cop, leeching off his criminal partner.


After a while, they decide to leave.


Kanade: See you tomorrow!


Haruna: Good night!


Tsukasa: Thanks.


  • sound of door closing*


It’s nearly time for lights off.


Up until now, I haven’t really hung out with friends till such a late hour.


Not only that, my room has become the place for it.


It’s definitely strange.


Which reminds me...


Kanade-san and Haruna were both in my room before I had unlocked my door.


How did they actually get in?