After school.


Athletics festival preparations are proceeding well in our headquarters classroom.


They're almost done making the number cards that we'll use to indicate a team's score on the big scoreboard.


Female Student D: You're the chairman after all, you don't need to go so far as to help us paint the number cards.


A girl in the my same grade says to me in wonderment.


Kouhei: I can't stand just standing around and watching.


Female Student D: You're pretty diligent for someone who broke into the girl's bath.


Kouhei: ...


Would you people forget about that already?


Male Student B: Chairman, a moment.


Kouhei: What's up?


Male Student B: It's about the illustrations for the program booklet... we're not sure where to get them...


Kouhei: What about the art club?


Male Student B: Oh yeah, but could you ask them for us?


Kouhei: I'll take care of it.


Male Student B: They're in the arts room.


I stand with a nod and a smile.


No one is here.


I check the sign on the door once again.


No mistaking it, this is the arts room.


What the hell.


Haruna: Ah... Kouhei-kun.


Haruna: What happened to you?


She says with surprise.


Looking down at myself, I realize my smock and arms are covered in splotches of various colors.


Kouhei: We just finished doing the posters for the festival.


Haruna: Looks like you were working hard.


She says with a strained smile, her eyes flickering between my messy arms and meeting my eyes.


She seems really fidgety, which is unusual for her.


Kouhei: Is it really that awful?


Haruna: Eh?


Kouhei: The paint.


Haruna: No, I just have this instinct to clean you up, that's all.


Kouhei: Beautification Committee member instincts?


Haruna: Essentially, yes.


We awkwardly smile about my joke.


Haruna: Anyway, what are you doing around here?


Kouhei: I've got some business with the art club, but they're not in.


Haruna: Then, they're probably out sketching in the park.


Kouhei: Yes! Thank you, you're a lifesaver!


Haruna: What did you come to ask them?


Kouhei: Illustrations for the program booklet.


Haruna: I see.


Haruna: You've got everything taken care of, don't you?


With a parting grin, I take off for outside.


Art Club President: I'm very sorry, but we must refuse.


An abrupt refusal.


Art Club President: Our club has few members, and if we don't win this prize, our budget is going to be reduced again.


She taps her brush against her sketchbook in a rhythmic pattern.


Art Club President: You know the phrase "There is no leisure for the poor." Without leisure time to waste on philanthropic charity, we must decline.


Art Club President: Ah... but you're a student council member, right?


Kouhei: Yes.


Art Club President: If you could increase my club's budget, we'd be happy to help.


Kouhei: You're asking the person who's in charge of the athletics festival.


Art Club President: Oh, right.


She falls into a dispirited silence.


I look over to the canvas on her easel.


The scenery of the park is rendered upon it in delicate strokes.


It's admirably well done.


Art Club President: My painting isn't worthy of such looks of admiration.


Kouhei: No, I think it's amazing.


Art Club President: You're being honest, aren't you.


Kouhei: What about only a front cover, instead of inside illustrations?


Art Club President: I told you we're not doing things for free, didn't I?


Kouhei: Everyone in school, from the teachers on down, is going to see this pamphlet, and the front cover is the first thing they'll see.


Kouhei: If the art club manages to create something appealing, it's free advertising for you.


Art Club President: Then... more people will join the club?


Kouhei: With just that one painting, it's a good possibility.


The art club president sets down her brush, and takes a good look at me.


Art Club President: Very well, you've been honest with me.


Art Club President: Therefore, I'll try and make something appealing for you.


Erika: So... what happened after that?


After the work as executive committee chairman is completed, I head to the Prefect's Building to put it all into my report.


Kouhei: I said it was a deal.


Iori: Well aren't you something.


He's praising me?


Iori: You've got quite a talent as a smooth-talking swindler, don't you Hasekura-kun?


No wait, he wasn't.


Kouhei: I didn't deceive her.

【孝平】「本当に上手い絵だと思いました し」

Kouhei: Her painting really is that impressive.


Iori: I'm just joking. You did good.


Shiro: Hasekura-sempai, it seems your work as executive committee chairman is making you pretty popular.


Kouhei: Is that so?


Shiro: For example, the way you worked out that problem with the background music group.


Shiro: A girl in my class was singing praises of how reliable you are.


Kouhei: Really?


Too many problems have cropped up for me to remember my solutions to each and every one.


Erika: But, don't slack up now.


Kouhei: Roger that.


I give her a quick salute.


Erika: Good.


Erika returns my salute.


Kouhei: Tougi-sempai, can I borrow the computer once again?


Seiichiro: Yes.


I start up the computer.


After correct a few typos on the program booklet, it's finally complete.


Just like the vice president said, I can't ease up until the very end.


The athletics festival is only three days away, so this is the home stretch.