The beginning of a new school day.


The first period today is dedicated to athletics festival information, it seems.


Dozens of copies of the pamphlet I made last night are spread across the teacher's desk.


Knowing that something I made with my own two hands is being distributed to all the students in the school, my heart is pounding.


Aoto: Oh? This year's cover is a painting by the art club, huh.


Aoto: Please pass these back.


They're distributed amongst the students in the front row, who then pass them back.


Tsukasa: Here.


Tsukasa, sitting in the seat in front of me, sets the last two of the stack on my desk.


I pick them up gently, the moment full of significance to me.


Tsukasa: It's like having the fruits of your sweat crystallized on my desk.


Kouhei: Please don't say it in such a weird way.


I pass the last one back to the person behind me.


Kiriha: What's this?


Kouhei: You haven't been paying attention?


Kiriha: No.


She replies calmly.


Kouhei: It's the athletics festival program booklet.


Kiriha: I see.


Clearly uninterested, she goes back to looking out the window.


Aoto: Open to the game schedule page.


Aoto: Now, we're going to decide who will compete in which event.


Aoto: Just as every year, the athletics festival committee members have taken the least enjoyable duties already.


Tsukasa: What's that mean, Kouhei, you can't participate?


Kouhei: The committe chairman has to stay at the headquarters the entire time.


Haruna: Ah... is that so.


Her voice has some disappointment in it.


Tsukasa: I bet it will be nice and cool under that tent for you.

【孝平】「代わるか? ? 隣、教職員だらけだぞ」

Kouhei: Want to take my place? The teaching faculty's tent is right next door.


Tsukasa: Too close for comfort.


Tsukasa: The beach will be more refreshing than that tent anyway.


Kouhei: You're really going to play hooky that day?


Tsukasa: That day, the sea is calling to me.


Kouhei: I find the beach rarely speaks at all.


Aoto: Then, next is the hundred meter sprint.


Kiriha: Yes.


Kuze-san raises her hand.


A buzz spreads around the classroom.


Aoto: Then, Kuze.


Aoto: No boys?


No one raises their hand.


Kouhei: Why does no one want to do the hundred meter sprint?


Haruna: Since we all know that the vice president is going to win, it's hard to get anyone to bother trying.


Kouhei: But for Kuze-san to volunteer for the hurdles event, that's surprising.


Kiriha: Is that so?


Kouhei: You have that much confidence in your running skills?


She did seem to have really good reflexes that one time.


Kiriha: Not particularly.


Kouhei: Then, why the hundred meter sprint?


Kiriha: I'm going to be forced to participate in at least one, right?


Kiriha: I might as well choose one that will be over in the blink of an eye.


Haruna: That's Kuze-san logic for you.


Kouhei: Volunteering despite no desire to win, eh?


Kiriha: And since the winner is already predetermined to be the vice president, even if I lose, no one can say anything.


Tsukasa: How cunning.


Kouhei: What's with that smile as though you just heard something good?


Aoto: Any boys?


Tsukasa: I'll do it.


He raises his hand with dishonest motives as well.


After school, I head to the Prefect's Building.


Iori: Hey... Hasekura-kun.


Kouhei: You headed to the Prefect's Building as well, President?


Iori: That's right.


Iori: No meeting today?


Kouhei: No, all that's left is the final preparation.


Iori: If you've got some time left over, that means you did a good job.


Kouhei: Save your words of praise until you see if I actually manage to pull it off.


Iori: How honest.


Kouhei: And, that whole thing about being there as a special advisor, that was just a big lie, wasn't it?


Iori: Nonsense. I helped out by getting people motivated.


Kouhei: It wasn't just something you said to get me through that tough first meeting?


Iori: It worked well enough to get you this far.


Kouhei: I guess so.


It's intimidating how popular he is.


In front of us by the fountain is a Sister, carrying some a load of brooms.


Sister Amaike: Ara~


Kouhei: Good day.


I give her a polite greeting as the crowd bustles around us.


Iori: Yaa.. Shizuko-chan♪


The president says from beside me.


Sister Amaike: Sendou-kun, please don't use that form of address with me.


Iori: Those look heavy, can we help you?

なんだ、このかなでさんを彷彿とさせる フランクな対応は。

He's almost as casually frank with her as Kanade-san is.


Sister Amaike: I appreciate the offer, but I'm alright.


Sister Amaike: Sendou-kun, Hasekura-kun, you both have student council business to attend to, don't you?


Iori: Very well then, we'll see you.


With a dainty flutter of his hand, the president walks away.


I give a confused bow and follow him.


  • door opens*


Kouhei: Man, I've been running around like crazy.


Setting down my bag, I sit in one of the antique style chairs around the table.


The president takes his normal places as well.


Iori: That's a standard thing for student council work, so don't let something like that get you down.


Iori: Just look at me, who has the spirit and resolve of a mountain, and see it through, okay?


Seiichiro: Oh please. There's an extensive list of projects that Iori has gotten bored of and deserted.


Kouhei: Is that so...


Seiichiro: ...


He quietly closes his eyes.


He looks like he's remembering something, but his facial expression only twitches slightly.


Kouhei: President and Tougi-semapi, you guys get along pretty well, don't you.


They both have mountains of spirit.


Iori: Mm...


Seiichiro: That's not particularly true.


An unexpected reply.


Kouhei: But, I always see you two together.


Seiichiro: That doesn't mean anything.


Iori: Sei is just a shy person.


Kouhei: I see...


Seiichiro: Take that however you want.


Saying that, Tougi-sempai goes back to his laptop.


Kouhei: Where are the vice president and Shiro-chan?


Seiichiro: Shiro is at the chapel. Erika is gathering committee documents.


Tougi-sempai answers me without letting his eyes ever leave the screen of his laptop.


Iori: Erika's enthusiasm for doing work is a big lifesaver.


Kouhei: She's been working all day then?


Iori: That's right.


Iori: She's always going on about "Do everything in moderation" and whatnot, so I'm going to scold her.


Kouhei: Scold her?


  • door opens*


The vice president enters with bundles of papers in her arms.


Kouhei: Welcome back.


Erika: I've returned.


Iori: Erika.


Erika: What?


She says, sitting in her chair and scanning over the papers.


Iori: Do everything in moderation.


Uh oh.


Erika: Hrmph.


Erika: You know, Nii-san.


Erika: It's my duty to allow everyone at the school to enjoy their campus life, is it not?


Erika: If I'm lax in my duties, all the various mechanisms that allow them to do that will collapse.


Erika: If I take a break, do you know what would happen?


She's still rifling through the papers as she talks.


Iori: See?


Kouhei: Even if you say that...


Iori: What do you think?


Kouhei: I approve the sentiment, but...


The vice president flicks her gaze up from the papers towards me.


She looks at me with a small note of dissatisfaction.






If I tell her it's not good to overwork yourself, she'll get mad at me.


But still, I'm worried about her.


Iori: Hasekura-kun, you're worried about Erika's health, aren't you.


The president suddenly whispers from directly next to my ear.


Kouhei: You read my mind.


Iori: No, I simply read it off your expression, that's all.


Iori: Just think Hasekura-kun, when you become a reliable student council officer, you can help by decreasing the amount of work she has on her plate.


Seiichiro: Iori, you could always try being industrious as well.


Iori: Rather than someone as close to retirement as I working hard, isn't it better that I train my replacements?


Iori: Speaking of which, I have a task for you.


He claps me on the shoulder.


Kouhei: What is it?


Iori: Erika is trying to bring you up as top notch student council member.


Iori: Just like how Hikaru Genji brought up Murusaki. (wikipedia: The Tale of Genji)


Erika: Stop with the suggestive insinuations.


She says as she's moving the bundles of papers over to their places on the shelves.


Did she really already finish reading through all those?


Erika: Ah, that's right.


Erika: Hasekura-kun, here.


She hands me a thin sheet of paper.


"Background Music Group's Stationing Positions" is written across the top.


Erika: Some girl from your committee asked me to give this to you.


Kouhei: Thanks.


Erika: No problem.


Erika: Well then, I've got a meeting I need to run to.


Without even waiting for a reply, she heads out the door.


What a busy girl.

【伊織】「ふ ち、~Aすることがないね」

Iori: *yawn* Well, I don't have anything like that to do.


Iori: I suppose I should head home.


There's a pretty big difference between those siblings.


Iori: How about you two, Sei and Hasekura-kun.


Seiichiro: I have work yet remaining.


Kouhei: I as well.


Iori: Well then, I'll see you.


Shrugging his shoulders, he leaves.


Suddenly, the room is quite peaceful.


Only the sounds of Tougi-sempai's fingers tapping away at his keyboard prevent total silence from pervading the room.






I finish reading through the sheet of paper that Erika gave me.


I wonder if I should get some tea to drink?


Kouhei: Touji-sempai, would you like some tea?


Seiichiro: Yes, thank you.


I head into the back room where I always see Erika and Shiro vanish off into.


The tea leaves back there are a kind I've never seen before.


I wonder if these are the ones that Shiro-chan bought?


Well, this might be a problem.


I pour the final product into the teapot, taking it along side some japanese style confectionaries.


Bringing it out with unsteady hands, I set it down on the table near him.


Kouhei: I'll just leave it here.


Seiichirou: I suppose I can take a break.


Tougi-sempai sits across from me at the table.




I wonder if I should start the conversation.


Kouhei: Do you like... Japanese confectionary?


Seiichirou: More so than the western styled ones, yes.


Silence reigns again.


He brings the teacup to his lips.


He wrinkles his eyebrows slightly.


I wonder if he will like the tea?


I suppose I'll find out when he drinks it.


Kouhei: It's thin, isn't it.


I didn't use enough tea leaves, I knew it.


Kouhei: I'm sorry, I'll make it over again.


Seiichiro: No, its fine.


Kouhei: Seems I can't make it quite as well as Shiro-chan, right?


Seiichirou: Shiro has been quite thoroughly trained, that's why.


Kouhei: By you?


Seiichirou: Not only in tea preparation, but also all sorts of etiquette matters.


Kouhei: You have quite a traditional family, don't you.


Seiichirou: Yes.


Seiichirou: The old traditions are quite numerous.


A family that keeps all of these old traditions alive... what kind of family is that?


Kouhei: Are you two from... some sort of really famous and distinguished old family line?


Seiichirou: It's quite an ancient pedigree.


Kouhei: How ancient?


Seiichirou: This island has an extensive irrigation system, called the Tougi Jyousui.


Seiichirou: According to what of the old literature we have, it was built by my ancestors in the Edo Period (17th century).


Seiichirou: Beyond that, we don't know how much farther back the line goes.


To have his family's name recorded that far back in history, that's amazing.


I don't know anything about my family.


Kouhei: Has this information been handed down from generation to generation?


Seiichirou: It's part of a ghost story concerning this island, that's how we know.


Kouhei: Let's hold off until a good campfire for that one.


Seiichirou: Have a weakness to ghost stories?


Kouhei: No more so than towards vampires.


Seiichirou: You'll get used to it.


It's so strange to be having a casual conversation with him.


Kouhei: Um...


Kouhei: You said you've known Iori-sempai and everyone for a long time, right?


Seiichirou: What about it?


Kouhei: Has your blood ever been drank?


Seiichirou: Not even once.


Then, I guess they won't try to drink from me either.


The Prefect's Building becomes quiet once more.


Erika: I'm home.


Shiro: Sorry that we're late.


Erika: Shiro's activities at the Laurel Ring just concluded.


Kouhei: Today was cleaning, right?


Shiro: How did you know that?


Her eyes go wide with wonder.


Kouhei: We saw Sister Amaike carrying brooms up to the chapel before we got here.


Shiro: Ah, I see.


She nods in understanding.


Erika: Hasekura-kun. Tomorrow is the athletics festival, is everything ready?


Kouhei: Yeah. We finished everything earlier than scheduled, so today is a relaxation day for all committee members.


Kouhei: I ordered everyone to rest up for a busy next day.


Erika: You look like you're doing a good job following your own orders then.


Kouhei: Somehow, I don't think that's a compliment.


Erika: You get it, don't you.


She gives a satisfied smile.


Erika: How does going to the school cafeteria sound to everyone?


Kouhei: I'm up for it.


Shiro: Nii-sama, what do you think?


Seiichirou: I don't have any urgent work before me, so we can go.


Shiro: Yes, Nii-sama.


With the athletics festival right at hand, it makes me nervous to be doing nothing.


I guess the best I can do is to recharge the batteries for tomorrow.